Fact file: 16 Maintenance Unit


16 Maintenance Unit was established on October 16, 1973 at Grootfontein to render 3rd line logistical support to deployed forces in Namibia.

The unit deactivated at Grootfontein on November 27, 1989, with the demobilisation of SA forces there. 16 Maintenance Unit reactivated on September 25, 1992 at the SA Army Battle School, Lohatlha. Up to April 1, 2000, 16 Maintenance Unit was a 2nd line institution rendering support to forces participating in exercises, as well as providing day to day support to the School. Since then, the unit has developed as a Combat Zone Maintenance Unit.

Deployments include Boleas in Lesotho in 1998, Burundi in 2001 and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “The logistical support provided by this unit has often been complimented at high levels up to the level of the United Nations,” a unit leaflet says.

Current role: 2nd line logistical support

Current base: Lohatlha

Battle honours

Motto: Fons sine qua non