Fact file: 1 SA Tank Regiment


The smaller corps for many years economised by co-habituating their schools with a dependent operational unit, in the case of air defence, the Air Defence Artillery (ADA) School and 10 ADA Regiment.

The School of Armour did not participate in this arrangement and instead maintained a small operational capability “in house” in the form of a Tank Wing. With the reorganisation of the Army at the turn of the millennium, the need arose top create a regular armoured capacity – and 1 SATR was born was born on April 1, 1999.

The Regiment provides the SA Army its armoured fist and assists the School of Armour in the training of tank crews, squadron second-in-commands squadron commanders. The unit’s organisation allows for 724 posts. As a “Type 38 Regiment”1, it consists of three tank squadrons with 12 MBT each, a support squadron and a tank transport squadron. Regimental headquarters has an additional two tanks for the regimental commander and 2IC.

Current Role: Operational tank regiment.

Current base: Tempe, Bloemfontein

Battle honours: None.

Motto: We make the rules