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Whether you’re on land, at sea or in flight, your business sector has unique requirements. At BlueSky, we tailor our satellite communications solutions to meet them point for point. If you operate in remote areas, we can craft a service mix to boost worker mobility, productivity and security anywhere on the planet.

Blue Sky Satellite Communications is helping you stay connected with your family , friends and office wherever you are on the face of the earth. Our Satellite Cellphones allows users to stay connected with their families and access their emails on the move. Be it on a ship in the middle of the ocean or somewhere in the derset our phone will keep you connected.. With voice and Voice and data capabilities.

The Satellite Phones currently available are, The Iridium (Pole to Pole Coverage), Thuraya Satellite phone (Regional Coverage) and Inmarat Isat (Global Coverage). Fixed Docking Units for indoor usage and Vehicle Docking Units are available as an optional extra as well as other accessories like carry bags.

Our Satellite phones works seemlessly work across the Globe and eliminate any roaming costs. Users can also securely access their emails from anywhere in the world through the Internet using a data cable and Software included with every Satellite Phone.

Satellite Phone features include: (Varies according to the phone)
• Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability
• Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
• Integrated speakerphone
• Headset and hands-free capability
• Integrated speakerphone
• Headset and hands-free capability
• Internally stowed antenna
• Mini-USB data port

All the phones are currently available in stock at Blue Sky satellite Communications

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