The Past Week in Defence #20 (8 – 14 August)


In this week’s edition, on the continent, Africom continues to combat terrorism in Africa amidst COVID-19, South Africa needs to wake up to the fight against Islamic State and the importance of border security was highlighted during the Sovereign Security 2020 conference.

In SANDF news, the SANDF will play an integral part of the Border Management Authority, operations continue under COVID-19’s new normal, less than 1.5% of Military Skill Development volunteers are accepted for training and a Military Skill Development “graduation” was held at the Infantry School.

In company news, ALTI signs a partnership agreement with Argentech on UAV distributorship, Kellogg Brown & Root receives another US military construction contract for infrastructure in Djibouti, Denel fails to comply with a court ruling to pay salaries and Chieftain is awarded an SANDF contract for its innovative hooklift trailer container deployment system.