The Past Week in Defence #5 (27 April – 1 May)


In this week’s addition, SIPRI reports African military spending up by nearly 20%, Kellogg Brown & Root has received $110 million in contracts to support the US military at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Niger’s National Guard to receive an additional Delair UAV, First female Nigerien pilot training in the US, Belarus to produce UAVs in Egypt, Ukrainian helicopter crews continue to carry out peacekeeping tasks in the DRC, Helix surveillance aircraft spotted in Mozambique, Chinese trawlers fined for being in SA waters illegally, “Draconian” lockdown measures in SA – UN Human Rights Commissioner, Beit Bridge fence “emergency” upgrade comes under Parliamentary scrutiny, Deployment of 1 165 SANDF personnel in the DRC extended, SANDF assists police confiscate drugs along the garden route, SANDF welcomes Cuban health professionals to South Africa, US donates protective masks to the SA Military Health Service, South Africa has 80 000 plus military veterans and Denel employees return safely from Spain.

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