Transportability a key component of Bruiser APC


One of the unique selling points of the new Bruisertech Bruiser 112 armoured personnel carrier (APC) is that it has been designed to fit into a standard ISO shipping container, allowing for cost effective and easy transportation.

Bruisertech has designed a unique set of rims that lower the vehicle’s height, allowing it to be driven into a standard six metre (20 foot) long shipping container. Once inside, the driver exits through the back of the vehicle. Bruisertech said such transportability is “best in the world” and makes the vehicle substantially cheaper to transport as it does not take up much space or require special packaging. The vehicle is 2.3 metres wide and 2.58 metres high.

The vehicle’s compact dimensions also make the vehicle easy to transport inside C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. Low cost of transport is one of the ways in which Bruisertech is making the vehicle attractive to the low-cost market and follows its design philosophy of a simple, tough and cost effective vehicle tailored to African requirements.

Such a philosophy means the entire engine can be exposed for maintenance by the removal of two side panels, which can be detached with the removal of two bolts. For simplicity and durability, the base vehicle has been designed to avoid using high-tech electronics and as a result does not require specialised equipment or highly trained technicians for servicing.

The company says the vehicle can carry a crew of two plus ten equipped personnel. Kerb weight is 8 500 kg, payload 4 500 kg and combat weight is 10-13 000 kg. The armoured hull provides blast protection to STANAG 3A/3B.

The vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder turbodiesel MWM engine coupled to an automatic transmission, giving a top road speed of 120 km/h and range of 1 000 km. The pneumatic disc brakes can be adapted to ABS.

Bruisertech has launched production of the vehicle, and is manufacturing an initial ten for potential customers.