Qrent sets its sights on the defence industry


Qrent, South Africa’s largest alternative ICT equipment provider, which provides financing and rental solutions, is targeting the South African defence industry and has already signed a deal with state-owned defence conglomerate Denel.

The deal with Denel is to supply a number of ruggedized laptops to the company, with Denel leasing them for a fraction of the cost of buying them new. It is Qrent’s first defence contract as the company expands its market horizon – existing large customers include Discovery, Clientele, Altron, ArcelorMittal and Pick ‘n Pay.

Qrent can lease a wide variety of essential equipment, including computers, printers, copiers, LCDs, projectors, servers and routers, on both short-term and long-term bases. Short-term rentals are ideal for training, events, projects or temporary staff or while waiting for new stock/replacements to arrive. For example, the Independent Electoral Commission and Stats SA have leased thousands of computers at a time on short notice for special events.

With long-term leasing, Qrent offers equipment at half the price of new over three years. Qrent rentals include insurance, and a full swop out warranty as well as an on-site technical team that will assist with any equipment maintenance. If an asset fails, it is immediately replaced with a new unit.

Qrent Business Development Manager Sanjay Govender believes there is no other company like Qrent, as no one else provides a complete solution of both new and refurbished equipment. He believes Qrent can significantly reduce spend on ICT equipment, through either new or refurbished equipment, with leasing being 40-50% of the cost of buying new.

Apart from asset leasing, Qrent offers asset tracking services – it can, for example, monitor assets and the software they are running, should the client require it. For peace of mind, when old equipment is returned to Qrent, the company uses a professional data erasure software to wipe hard drives and provides warranties and certificates for this.

Qrent has done “phenomenally well” in the corporate sector, Govender said. For example, Discovery deployed 4 000 Qrent machines within a year, with payment over three years, and ArcelorMittal has over 1 500 refurbished Qrent units.

Qrent is now targeting the defence industry and, through parent company InnoVent, can finance any highly depreciating asset, such as mining and medical equipment or even factory equipment like milling machines. Rent to own models are available, allowing companies to acquire equipment quickly and at low cost.

Qrent is in the process of expanding, and already has a presence in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and the United Kingdom (as Second Life). The company is looking at opening branches in Ghana and possibly Nigeria, as well as Kenya and Ethiopia.

Qrent is a fully fledged division of InnoVent Rental and Asset Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd, which offers end to end IT asset management. InnoVent was established in 2003 and has 3 billion assets under management with more than 200 clients.

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