Kitchen Equipment Supplies (KES) serving the SANDF


Over the decades we have seen numerous developments and changes in the operational spheres of modern armies, from weapon systems to satellite surveillance, that have all had a massive impact on the nature of warfare. However, the one fundamental truth that hasn’t changed is that an army marches on its stomach.

Kitchen Equipment Supplies Imports (KESI) is the master distributor for the Cambro brand, supplying catering solutions to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). This ranges from equipping its new field kitchens to supplementing catering facilities on base.

KESI specialises in catering equipment supplies, ranging from bulk food transportation to individual service solutions. These also includes service carts, food storage containers, mobile shelving, handwashing stations, beverage servers for the transportation of potable water and table top solutions. KESI supplied items for Project Teamster through SAAB and RCS Weatherhaven, which both supplied various aspects of the field kitchens.

KESI’s range of products includes plates, cups, dishracks and dish caddies, which are manufactured to the highest military specifications. Most of these items are made from high quality polycarbonate and polyurethane, which makes them virtually indestructible and thus ideal for the mobile operational environment.

Apart from South Africa, KESI is also supplying countries in the rest of Africa, and has supplied all the major militaries on the continent. The large product and service offering has made KESI the preferred supplier of catering solutions in both the military and health care sectors on the continent.

In 2017 Saab was awarded a contract to deliver a Mass Field Feeding Capability over a two-year period to the South African National Defence Force under the next phase of Project Teamster. This comprises 50-man systems and 200-man systems. The 200-man system consists of a fully equipped expandable kitchen unit, a mobile refrigeration unit, for cold storage of bulk rations, utility unit, to accommodate potable water, waste water and a storage unit. The 50-man system consists of a fully equipped expandable unit and bladders to handle potable and waste water.

KESI consulted closely with various stakeholders to ensure that that the most cost efficient and operationally viable solution was implemented. The KESI promise of quality and service delivery in order to ensure that all parties meet their operational standards is one of the reasons that it continues to thrive in this environment.

The full range of KESI products are currently being used by the United Nations as well as all branched of the United States military. These products have a proven operational track record and are yet to disappoint on their promise of quality, KESI said, adding that KESI is the trusted spec amongst most of the world’s longstanding armies.