How Could 5G Benefit the Military?


There are many benefits associated with the rollout of 5G technology. Faster internet could boost businesses and improve many people’s everyday lives. But one aspect of 5G which is less covered, but arguably more important is how it could benefit the defense sector. But just how could 5G provide benefits to the military?

Mobile Use in South Africa

The rise of mobile internet in South Africa helps show just how far 5G could be further used. For instance, mobile banking is the norm in South Africa. 20% of shoppers in 2019 had chosen to use mobile payment methods. The mobile payment industry in South Africa is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 12.9% and to reach $29,424.3 million by 2025. With better internet connections, this figure could continue to grow.

In entertainment, mobile casinos have proven how their mobile compatibility helps more people engage with online casino games. Players can engage when taking a break at the office or just relaxing at home. Mobile gaming ties into mobile banking to partner with the world’s best payment options. The convenience and ease of play, especially for those new to online casinos, shows how useful mobile can be. Traditional desktop-based gameplay has been transformed for mobile users, which could increase with more 5G accessibility.

Businesses are finding benefits from mobile uses. Mobile marketing has increased, citing the fact that out of around 31 million internet users in South Africa, approximately 28 million access it through mobile devices. So, targeting these customers with marketing helps businesses in the area reach out to their target audiences. 5G could help more people market on mobile and more people see such marketing.

The online gaming industry is growing in South Africa in part because people can stream games and become involved with communities online. Not only do the multiplayer games need fast, strong internet connections, but so do the streaming platforms themselves.

How Can 5G Benefit the Military?

The speed of communication is one of the most important benefits 5G affords the military. Communication is key and digital communication is the military’s future, especially as criminals may be adept at using the internet too. The high speed of 5G (10 gigabits per second) and the low latency mean that communication will be instantaneous. This helps data transfer far quicker.

Moreover, the military’s access to the Internet of Things could be improved with 5G. Smart devices being able to talk to one another and their environments would enhance the military’s ability to command and control remotely. Sensor fusion, which would help collate information from a range of sensors, smartphones, and data collection points, would be greatly enhanced with 5G.

Furthermore, logistics could be streamlined through 5G. The combination of the speed of the internet itself and the ability for signals to communicate with one another means that processes can be sped up and properly optimized. Precision is crucial for the military and 5G means that processes that rely on the internet could be further improved, freeing up the workforce and time.

Ultimately, it’s clear that the military in South Africa could benefit from 5G. Other industries have shown how much 5G could improve people’s lives. These same improvements could be adapted to streamline and enhance existing military protocols.