Gunners’ Memorial Service


Sunday, 15 May, sees the Annual Gunners’ Memorial take place at Dassierand, Potchefstroom in North West.

Presented under the aegis of the Gunners’ Association of South Africa with the SA Army Artillery Formation and the SA Army Air Defence Artillery Formation, the annual memorial service remembers gunners of all nations who made the ultimate sacrifice. “They all went forth with dedication to duty and a willingness to sacrifice their lives for a better future,” a Gunners’ Association statement said.

Association national secretary, retired major Albert Pestana, said: “The graves of our Gunners of all races, customs and traditions who paid the ultimate price, lie scattered throughout our country and in far distant lands across our borders. All their names are inscribed on our memorial and every year we gather to pause and reflect and most importantly to remember them”.

As with previous memorial services, residents of Dassierand and surrounds are warned to two salvos to be fired by ceremonial gun salute troops.

“The salvos go off between 11h00 and 11h45 and are relatively loud,” Pestana said adding residents should advise the elderly and ensure to prepare for these

All Potchefstroom residents are welcome to attend.