Yemen Houthis threaten UAE targets


Yemen’s Houthi group said it identified dozens of sites in the United Arab Emirates as possible targets, an attempt to stress its military clout following a weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities.

“To the Emirati regime we say one operation of ours would cost you dearly,” Yahya Saria, military spokesman for the Iran-aligned movement, said in a televised speech.

“Today and for the first time we announce we have dozens of targets in our range in the UAE, some are in Abu Dhabi and can be attacked at any time.”

He said the Houthis have new drones, powered by “normal and jet engines” that can reach targets deep in Saudi Arabia.

In Riyadh, Saudi Defence Ministry spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki said the attack could not have come from Yemen, adding the Houthi movement was “covering up” for Iran.

The UAE is a leading partner in a Saudi-led coalition that intervened in Yemen in March 2015 to restore Hadi’s government after it was toppled by the Houthis.

Saria said the attacks came from three locations.

Qassef 3 drones were launched from one, Samad 3 drones from a second and new jet powered drones from a third, he said. The jet-powered type will be revealed soon.

“The drones carried four precise bombs per strike,” Saria said.

Other drones were “used to confuse the enemy so the main planes could reach their targets,” he said.