Israel executes 200 plus hits on Iranian targets in Syria


Israel carried out more than 200 attacks against Iranian targets in Syria in the last two years, a senior Israeli official said, in a rare summary of its campaign.

According to regional sources, Israel started military strikes in Syria in 2013 against suspected arms transfers and deployments by Iranian forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies, both Damascus’s partners in Syria’s civil war.

Israeli officials rarely detailed specific operations. On Tuesday, an Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment after Syria said it shot down rockets fired by Israeli planes at military targets near Hama.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz used a speech to give a general summary of Syria missions, prompted by a military briefing to local media.
“Only just now it was published – in the name of military sources, so I can quote it too – that in the last two years Israel has taken military action more than 200 times in Syria,” Katz told a conference hosted by the IDC Herzliya College.
“Understand the significance of this in terms of preserving the red line, preventing what Iran has done, is doing and is trying to do against Israel from Syria.”

Asked to confirm Katz’s comments, an Israeli military spokeswoman said Israel carried out around 200 attacks in Syria over the past year and a half.

In August 2017, the outgoing chief of Israel’s air force told Haaretz newspaper his corps carried out “nearly 100 strikes” in Syria. That left another 100 in the time since, according to official Israeli accounts issued on Tuesday – roughly two a week.

Israel, which monitors Syria intensively, has long alleged Iran came to assist the Damascus government, in part, to set up a permanent garrison there, effectively forming an extended anti-Israel front with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran, Israel’s arch-foe, has been a core supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad throughout the seven-year civil war, sending military advisers as well as materiel and regional Shi’ite militias it backs.

Israel’s Syria strikes are largely ignored by Russia, Israel’s big-power backer, and backed by the United States.

On Monday, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman signalled the country could attack suspected Iranian military targets in Iraq, where Reuters reported the deployment of ballistic missiles by Tehran.

Briefing reporters, a senior Israeli military officer who requested anonymity said Israel believed Iran was using Iraqi territory as a conduit for missile transfers to Syria.