Nasa advances RFID project


In this World Wide Wrap: Nasa advances RFID project, RFID ID cards problematic, and Scandinavia receives RFID solution.  

Nasa advances RFID project

Nasa is rolling out the second phase of its real-time location system at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, says GCN.

The second phase follows deployment of the initial RFID location tracking system earlier this year and extends the tracking to more items, as well as transitions to RFID Global Solution`s Visi-Trac Asset Tracking software.

Phase two extends the project to include vehicle-mounted RFID receivers with mobile terminals used to support the delivery of space shuttle payloads to the launch pad.

RFID ID cards problematic

RFID tags used in two new types of border-crossing documents in the US are vulnerable to snooping and copying, according to IT World.

Enhanced driver`s licences (EDLs) from the state of Washington and US passport cards issued by the State Department contain RFID tags that can be scanned at border crossings without being handed over to agents. According to US researchers, the information could be copied onto another off-the-shelf tag.

"It would be relatively easy for someone to read your passport card or EDL," says Tadayoshi Kohno, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington.

Scandinavia receives RFID solution

Savi, a provider of wireless-based supply chain solutions, and Litium Mobile Applications, a consulting firm for mobility and visibility solutions, have partnered to distribute RFID solutions to Scandinavian government, defence and commercial organisations, reports The Earth Times.

The companies have initiated project management support throughout Scandinavia, having already worked together to deliver the Savi Consignment Management Solution, which automatically locates, tracks and manages in-transit supplies for the Swedish armed forces and Danish defence ministry.

"Litium Mobile Applications has proven to be an effective partner in opening doors to new markets and providing support to implement our solutions throughout the Scandinavian region," says David Shannon, Savi Technology`s senior VP of marketing, product management and strategy.