5 Benefits of Convex Mirrors for Security at School


It is arguably true that every year most schools lose a million-dollar worth of goods because of thieves. It worries all the stakeholders. Besides theft, detrimental crimes such as shooting witnessed at Stoneman Douglass high school causes a considerable amount of fear.

Even though such crimes can be deterred by fixing CCTV cameras, they are costly and complex to use. Therefore, a move towards acquiring a convex mirror to cater for school security issues is an ideal option. Below are some of the properties that make such mirrors the best option ahead of the other security equipment.

Designed  with Great Visibility

Automobile enthusiasts and scientists have different names for such mirrors. Some call them fisheye and divergent mirror, which correspond to their high visibility. Convex mirrors compel light to diverge when reflected, causing parallel rays to move in a different direction.

What’s more, the convex shape provides an expansive vision field, hence enhancing the watcher’s visibility area. Therefore, from a single spot, you can easily have a clear view of the blind points and other hard to see areas. In a school setting, such mirrors can be helpful more so in identifying an imminent threat swiftly. It would enable taking action in good time before a strike.

Shaped to Fit Any Position or Space

Convex mirrors are designed in various shapes. Normally, they are rectangular or circular. These shapes enable easy installation in areas such as school corridors. The circular convex mirrors measure approximately 1000mm, while the rectangular measures 600-800mm with a round edge. The circular edge makes it suitable for use in low-ceiling areas.

They also feature a dome shape, which helps in bringing a panoramic view. The view is essential in giving a clear indoor look of the target areas such as inside a classroom. Through the convex mirror, a teacher can easily have a clear view of students and monitor their class concentration.

Multipurpose: Acts Like a Safety Device

Do you know the qualities of a good essay writer? They can write excellent essays on diverse topics. Besides, they are flexible. They can write argumentative essays, descriptive papers, narrative pieces, and compare and contrast essays. They tend to have some commonness with convex mirrors: having the capability to do different tasks.

The mirrors serve different purposes. Besides offering excellent security, they are as well used as safety devices. Convex mirrors are usually placed in corners and intersections within the school compound. With the aid of these gadgets, both teachers and students can have a clear view of the blind spots. It helps in preventing bumping into each other or accidents around such areas.

School workers and visitors carrying heavy luggage or objects can easily maneuver their way to their target locations with help from the mirrors. Also, the motorists can easily notice an oncoming car or a pedestrian at an intersection.

Withstands All Weathers

Convex mirrors made purposefully for outside use are designed with tough and heavy-duty parts, which makes them highly durable. Besides, they feature all weatherproof materials, which make them difficult to tamper with, especially when the weather is foggy or rainy. They are highly anti-frost, and condensation doesn’t hamper their ability to reflect a crisp image at all times.

Therefore, whether it is raining or foggy, you’ll have a reflection of any object within the target location. Within the school compound, you’ll have a crisp visualization of images and act fast to rectify a situation or stop a threat before it gets out of hand.

Cost Friendly

Materials used to make the mirrors are not only durable but also lightweight. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, polycarbonate, and glass. Aside from requiring little skills to install, they are sustainable and need little or no maintenance, and hence they are cost-effective.

Also, the devices need no source of electricity to function and check out activities happening on the intersections and hard to see areas of your school. It is an added advantage of installing them. They do not only give a clear vision but also save lots of expenses that would have been otherwise used in paying for the energy.

Security is a significant issue that needs consideration more so in a school setting. Installing a convex mirror goes a long way towards providing a 24-hour vision of the compound. The installation beefs up security, and in case of an imminent threat, swift action gets taken. You do not need a CCTV camera or any other expensive security device; the convex mirrors are cheaper and effective.