Zimbabwe getting new vehicles for its military


Zimbabwe’s military is set to receive some of the 633 new vehicles ordered from India under a $50 million deal financed by the Exim Bank of India.

The Zimbabwe Independent reports that a large portion of the vehicles will go to the Zimbabwean army and include trucks, water cannons, busses and other vehicles.

The deal was signed last year with the vehicles supplied by Indian firm Ashok Leyland, which held a send-off ceremony for the first 90 vehicles in Mumbai, India, on 28 June. They were subsequently shipped to Durban where the landed last week, according to the Zimbabwe Independent. They will then travel to Zimbabwe via Mozambique. This first consignment included light commercial vehicles, medium duty vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances etc. The second batch comprises 155 vehicles, according to Daily Shipping Times.

Zimbabwe’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry ministry is the contracting party for the vehicles. The consignment bill describes the vehicles for “Ministry for Tourism and Hospitality activities, especially for promotion of domestic tourism, and supporting international tourism, disaster management, anti-poaching activities, peace missions and other related purposes”.

In addition to supplying the vehicles, Ashok Leyland has also been contracted to train Zimbabwean personnel in operation and maintenance of the vehicles.