$1 million-plus worth of ammunition gifted to Somali National Army


The Somali National Army (SNA) is to receive “military equipment designed to deliver lethal force” from the European Peace Facility (EPF) of the European Union Council (EUC).

The assistance, valued at $1.1 million, will, according to an EUC statement, “strengthen the capacity of the SNA to be trained at the General Dhagabadan training centre, with a view to restore safety and security in the country and protect the civilian population”.

Josep Borrell, EUC High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said: “The EU is determined to help the SNA assume full responsibility over security operations in Somalia. Our joint interest remains security and stability in the country.”

The ammunition will be supplied “solely” for training SNA personnel, in conjunction with the EU training mission in Somalia. Musketry apart, the training will see Somali soldiers given full insight into the relevant parts of international law, particularly as regards human rights and humanitarian law.

This capacity-building support through the EU Training Mission in Somalia is coupled with the 69 million euros worth of equipment and supplies delivered to the SNA since 2019 and remains essential for Somalia to be in better control of its security.

The EPF was established in March 2021 to finance all common foreign and security policy (CFSP) actions in military and defence areas, with the aim of preventing conflict, preserving peace and strengthening international security and stability. It allows the EU to finance military and defence actions.