UAE’s EDGE signs cooperation agreement with the Tanzania People’s Defence Force


The United Arab Emirates’ EDGE group has signed a cooperation agreement with the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) during the IDEX defence show underway in Abu Dhabi.

EDGE said the agreement, signed on 21 February, “will pave the way for cooperation between EDGE and the TPDF on strategic opportunities of mutual benefit which will allow the TPDF to further develop and provide for Tanzania’s defence, security, and technology needs.”

The TPDF aims to enhance industrial capacity through its defence industries so as to be self-sustained in the manufacturing and production of industrial products for military and civilian use in Tanzania, and regionally, and to support the development of the TPDF’s industrial capacity by facilitating various programmes and projects in the field of automotive technological innovations undertaken at Tanzania Automotive Technology Centre, an EDGE statement read.

The agreement was signed by Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director and CEO of EDGE, and General Jacob John Mkunda, Tanzania’s Chief of Defence Forces. It “builds on the friendly relations between the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Government of the United Arab Emirates.”