UAE unveils N35 vehicles


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has publically displayed its new N35 armoured vehicles, based on the Denel Vehicle Systems RG35 but manufactured by NIMR Automotive.

The vehicles were seen at the UAE’s 45th National Day parade on 5 December. They were 4×4 N35-4 versions fitted with Dynamic Noble FeWaS remote weapon stations. Also seen was the NIMR Ajban-class Special Operations Vehicle (SOV).

The N35 started life as the BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (LSSA) RG35, before the company was taken over by Denel to become Denel Vehicle Systems (DVS). The design was subsequently sold to NIMR, which is manufacturing the vehicle as the N35 in the UAE. The company is producing both 4×4 and 6×6 versions.

In November 2015 Denel announced a R900 million contract with NIMR over the development and supply of the N35. It is believed the contract covers initial production in South Africa and subsequent production in the UAE – in June NIMR said the N35 was in production at Tawazun Industrial Park in the UAE (60% of NIMR was acquired by Tawazun Holdings in 2010).

Denel Vehicle Systems also received a contract for 24 RG31 mobile mortar platforms from the UAE. The first of these was shipped in July this year. Denel Vehicle Systems said the 24-vehicle order follows on the successful delivery of 73 vehicles that are already in service with the UAE Armed Forces.

The RG35 was launched in 2009 and since then evolved into the 4×4 RPU (Recce Patrol Utility), IFV (6×6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle) and the 4×4 MIV (Motorised Infantry Vehicle). The 6×6 version was launched at the 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition and features an 8.5 ton payload with seating for up to 14 crewmembers.

The Ajban SOV displayed earlier this week is a light, long-range reconnaissance vehicle that can be transported by helicopter. The vehicle is designed to be highly mobile in all terrains, and features a roof-mounted machinegun.