Tyron runflats demonstrated on DCD’s Springbuck APC


Tyron’s all-terrain rubber runflats have been demonstrated on DCD Protected Mobility’s Springbuck armoured personnel carrier (APC) during a recent test.

During the demonstrations, which focused on route clearance, the Springbuck set off a simulated IED before coming under attack from enemy forces. At all times the vehicle was able to keep moving even though its tyres were no longer inflated as the Tyron ATR (All Terrain Rubber) Runflats ensured that the damaged tyres were still locked to the wheel and didn’t spin independently of the wheel, Tyron said. The runflat also ensured that the vehicle was still running on rubber which not only gave the vehicle traction but reduced the physical stress on the crew.

“We have chosen to fit Tyron ATR Multi Part Runflats as they ensure traction is maintained and the vehicle able to keep moving for many kilometres at speed. In addition the logistic burden for our users is significantly reduced as changing the tyres does not require any specialist tools,” said Cornelius Grundling, General Manager of DCD Protected Vehicles.

The Tyron ATR wheel assembly has a unique multi-part rubber runflat fitted to its partner, Global Wheels’ two part bolt-together steel wheels. This system is locally manufactured specifically for the Springbuck APC.

The Tyron All Terrain Rubber runflat has successfully passed ballistic tests. Emphasis was placed on the connections to ensure that under severe ballistic attack the ATR is not compromised as rubber absorbs far more energy than hard materials from kerb strikes and IEDs, Tyron said.

The Global Wheels bolt-together wheels are available in both steel and aluminium. The rubber of the ATR is enhanced to ensure beadlock, which offers a guaranteed high level off-road flat tyre performance which is not possible with composite runflats.

Tyron has been developing runflats since the 1970s and in the early 1980s was contracted by the UK Ministry of Defence to develop a range of steel bands for the Land Rover steel wheels. These are now marketed as Tyron Multibands and are fitted to leisure, commercial, security and military vehicles.

In 2008 Tyron invented the world’s first multi piece rubber run flat, the All Terrain Runflat (ATR) insert, which can be fitted in the field to both military split rims and ordinary tubeless wheels, giving excellent off road capabilities with run flat capability of up to 100 km.

Today the Tyron range includes new Beadlocks, heavy duty alloy and steel wheels plus a range of single and multi-piece runflats which includes a new innovation using carbon fibre to develop what Tyron says is the lightest rubber runflat in the world.