Truvelo reveals new 20×42 mm rifle


Truvelo has unveiled for the first time its new CMS 20×42 anti-material rifle, which uses innovative new bursting ammunition.

It is the first weapon designed around the new ammunition after the Denel PMP Inkunzi.

Elardus de Lang, Sales and Technical Support at Truvelo, said the weapon is a game changer, with better characteristics and a flatter trajectory than low or medium velocity 40 mm grenade launchers. He said interest has been expressed by special forces and Truvelo has had many requests for demonstrations. He was speaking at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition last month where the rifle was shown to the public for the first time.

According to Truvelo, the 20×42 mm CMS was designed to be a lightweight, easily transportable anti-material rifle. Its subsonic 20×42 mm ammunition, developed by Denel PMP, has an effective range of 1 000 metres, with Truvelo saying it is capable of delivering a “devastating payload” due to the variety of ammunition available, from practice rounds to semi-armour piercing high explosive incendiary (SAPHEI).

The bolt action weapon has a relatively compact length of 980 mm (or 700 mm folded) and weight of 11.5 kg, including telescope and five round magazine. It can fire practice, practice tracer, armour piercing incendiary, high explosive and SAPHEI rounds. Truvelo claims accuracy of better than 2 minute of angle (MOA) at 500 metres and effective range of 1 000 metres. A silencer, monopod, night vision system and thermal imager are optional extras.

The Truvelo rifle is part of a new generation of weapon using the 20×42 mm round, originally designed for the Neopup Personal Area Weapon. The Neopup and its ammunition are now manufactured in South Africa by Denel PMP, with the Neopup subsequently rebranded the Inkunzi (bull).

Denel PMP recently announced it has completed the industrialisation of the weapon and has concluded supply contracts to two international client countries

Like the Truvelo rifle, the Inkunzi fires 20 mm bursting ammunition from a conventional box magazine holding five rounds but is semi-automatic. Both weapons effectiveness is not reduced at longer ranges because the effect of the bursting ammunition remains the same.

De Lang told defenceWeb that Truvelo is currently looking at new developments using extreme long range, high energy 20 mm anti-material rounds.