Truvelo redesigns 20×110 mm Hispano rifle


Specialist rifle manufacturer Truvelo has redesigned its 20x110mm Hispano anti-materiel rifle, which now features Truvelo’s signature four locking lug system found on the entire range of CMS (Counter Measures Sniper) rifles.

The 20x110mm HSR (Hispano Sniper Rifle) features three separate recoil reducing systems, the first being the newly designed and purpose built heavy duty muzzle brake. The second is the spring-loaded recoil dampers in the cradle mount, which attaches to a standard M3 tripod commonly used for the M2 .50 BMG heavy machine gun. The third and final system is the piston-based recoil reducer that is located in the stock of the rifle.

All of these recoil reducing systems combined make it possible to reduce the overall weight of the rifle significantly, yet maintaining acceptable levels of recoil, thus not fatiguing the shooter during long shooting sessions, Truvelo said.

It is even possible to shoot this weapon system from the prone position by means of only a standard bipod, like a normal sniper rifle platform would be employed, thus negating the need to also carry the 20 kg tripod as well.

In recent tests, first round cold bore hits were made on structures from a distance of beyond 1.1 km. The AP-T (armour piercing tracer) ammunition proved lethal at penetrating armoured steel and also penetrated a building with ease, Truvelo said.

Truvelo is currently in the process of producing 25 of these rifles for a military customer abroad and is confident that several more will follow after demonstrating the abilities of the 20x110mm round.

Truvelo’s CMS stable includes the CMS 6.5×47 mm, CMS 7.62×51 mm, CMS 338 Lapua and CMS 12.7×99 mm. For longer range engagements, the company offers the 14.5×114 mm as well as the 20×110 mm Hispano. Last year Truvelo displayed its new CMS 20×42 anti-material rifle, which uses subsonic 20×42 mm ammunition developed by Denel PMP and has an effective range of 1 000 metres.

In March Truvelo revealed that it had completed a record order for 300 CMS rifles, which was the single largest in the company’s history. The order was shipped in two consignments of 150 rifles each and was completed during the second half of 2016.