Trailblazing Counter Mine and IED Solution for Modern Fighting Forces


One needn’t look further back than recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to appreciate the prevalence of asymmetric warfare and the corresponding capability of insurgents, terrorists, militias and other unlawful combatants to take advantage of new and readily available technologies to increase their lethality and survivability. A foremost example is the use of highly effective remotely detonated Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and mines, which have proven their ability to inflict tremendous damage on conventional forces, even those deployed in armor protected vehicles.

In response, ELTA Systems Ltd., the defense electronics subsidiary of IAI, Israel’s largest aerospace and defense company, has leveraged its rich technological heritage and culture of innovation to field the ELI-3375 Counter-IED & Counter Mine Suite (CIMS). CIMS is an integrated protection system for the detection of surface and underground IED’s, mines and roadside bombs. The CIMS suite supports a range of sensors and sub-systems that are tailored to cope with the relevant scenarios and threats prevalent in the specific theatre of operations. The use of an array of sensors enables the system to more effectively counter a wider range of threatsm.

CIMS is centered on a user-friendly Combat Engineering Mission Management System (CEM2S), which processes the incoming data from the sensor array to perform accurate, real-time mapping of threats. Included among the sensor options are: the Above Surface Detection System (ADS); Surface IEDs Detection Radar (SIDER); GigaPix Optical Detection System; and Underground Mine and IED Detection System (MIDS). Platform agnostic, CIMS can be installed on manned and unmanned vehicles. It is operational around the clock and in all weather. The combination of high-performance sensors together with highly developed analytical tools enable CIMS to detect disguised IEDs. The system features automatic cuing of the investigating sensors and it recording capability enables clean routes to be established through obstacles, IEDs and mines. In addition to detecting the threats, CIMS can also accommodate hard kill systems and other countermeasures in accordance with Customer requirements.

Since formation over five decades ago ELTA has established itself as a global leader in the design, development and production of advanced sensors and systems, including: RADAR, COMINT, ELINT with IMINT and GEOINT exploitation capabilities; Electronic Warfare Systems; Communication Systems; Big Data Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; and Deep Learning technologies. ELTA’s solutions encompass air, land, sea and space applications and its customer base includes Defense, Paramilitary, Government and Law Enforcement organizations. ELTA’s dedicated Land Division develops end-to-end solutions for ground forces and homeland security programs. In addition to a range of manned all terrain and Unmanned Autonomous Ground Vehicles (UAGV) and stand-alone sensors, the Land Division develops integrated systems for border, coastal and site protection; Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar (C-RAM) and Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS); and Counter IED & Mines (CIMS). ELTA is committed to continuing this successful legacy with a holistic approach that provides operators and commanders with the cutting-edge tools needed for mission success.

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Integrated multi-sensor detection suite.