Thoroughtec gets more SA Army work


Thoroughbred Technologies (Pty) Ltd, t/a Thoroughtec, has been awarded a R9.448 million contract for the maintenance and repair support of driver simulators used by the South African Army.

The work follows a R8.8 million contract for the upgrade and extension of driver simulators for the Joint Operations Division of the South African National Defence Force in January as well as two orders worth R3.4 million for maintenance and repair work on the Army’s simulators and virtual battlefield training systems for the Rooikat armoured car, Ratel ZT3A2 antitank guided missile vehicle and Olifant Mk2 main battle tank. These are all located at the South African Army`s vehicle training centre in Bloemfontein.

In addition to this work, Thoroughtec was in September 2007 contracted through Project Hoefyster to develop a set of simulators for the Army`s new generation Badger infantry combat vehicle. Denel Land Systems (DLS), awarded Thoroughtec an R88.5 million contract to design, develop and supply 60 Badger simulators and eight instructor stations to the Army under the seven-year contract.
“Our latest CyberWAR simulators will ensure the South African Army is able to train its Badger crews to operate the vehicle safely and effectively under all conceivable scenarios likely to be encountered in African peace-support and security missions,” Thoroughtec MD Robert Letschert said at the time. “This new simulator system will augment our CyberWAR – train as you fight, fight as you`ve trained – philosophy,” he added.

Thoroughtec was also involved in the establishment of a Virtual Aircraft Training System (VATS) for ground and aircrews at 85 Combat Flying School as part of Project Winchester, theacquisition of 24 BAE Systems Hawk Mk120 lead-in fighter trainers. The operational flight trainer soft- and hardware was developed by BAE Systems Australia and installed by Thoroughtec. Pilots have to fly the Hawk about 430 hours and pass a number of courses before graduating to the Saab Gripen.

From the Armscor Bulletin system:

Maintenance and repair support of simulators in the SA Army

EMSS/2010/446 19 May 2011 R9 448 776,00 Thoroughtec

The upgrade and extension of driver simulators for joint operational headquarters mission ready training

EMSS/2010/328 27 Jan 2011 R8 857 953,00 Thoroughtec

Maintenance and repair support of simulators in the SA Army – extension of EMSS/2007/511

MSS/S2010/1174 20 Jan 2011 R1 000 030,00 Thoroughtec

MSS/S2009/1045 17 Sep 2009 R2 486 725,00 Thoroughtec

Limited product supply support for the multiple emitter environment simulator and the mini multiple emitter environment simulator – extension of ELGS/2006/539

LGS/S2009/4153 5 Nov 2009 R460 000,00 Thoroughtec

LGS/S2009/4032 5 Aug 2009 R565 461,12 Thoroughtec

LGD/S2008/3803 2 Oct 2008 R1 532 278,00 Thoroughtec

LGS/S2007/3455 26 Jul 2007 R548 900,00 Thoroughtec

Production of Olifant Mk2 simulator system – extension of EPTS/2006/218

AMS/S2008/0828 4 Dec 2008 R199 896,00 Thoroughtec

Maintenance and repair support of simulators in the SA Army for the 2008/2009 to 2010/2011 financial years

EMSS/2007/511 6 Mar 2008 R5 426 394,00 Thoroughtec
2 Driver training simulators for CJ OPS extension of ELSS/2006/134

MSS/S2007/0910 7 Feb 2008 R43 070,00 Thoroughtec

MSS/S2007/0907 25 Jan 2008 R1 598 000,00 Thoroughtec

Limited product support supply for Multiple Emitter Environment Simulator and the Mini Multiple Emitter Environment Simulator

ELGS/2006/539 26 Apr 2007 R3 859 724,60 Thoroughtec

Maintenance support for simulators in the SA Army – extension of ELSS/2004/529

MSS/S2007/0851 28 Jun 2007 R725 463,45 Thoroughtec