The Atlantis Group extends Aviation business depth


The dedicated aviation company, known as Atlantis Aviation, will serve new opportunities in the SADEC region.

The Atlantis Group acted as Raytheon’s local representative in the supply of Paveway laser guided kits and bombs during the weapon integration of the Gripen weapon system. “This signalled the first significant sale of US defence equipment to South Africa in a quarter century, and we were extremely proud to be associated with it,” says Gordon Blackbeard, chairman of the Atlantis Group.

Further aviation-related work with Raytheon addresses maritime surveillance aircraft and sensor equipment.

Atlantis was also recently awarded the TACO Antenna agency from Canada, which has a wide range of air, ship, ground and specialist satcom communication antennas with close air tactical and strategic support applications.

These prospects determined that Atlantis establish a dedicated aviation company, which is known as Atlantis Aviation. The company will serve new opportunities in the SADEC region. Other services include air-land integration, close air support, airborne ISTAR training to Africa.

Kagiso Matjila was recently appointed as a director within the company. “It seemed like a natural progression since he has extensive experience and is well known in commercial aviation,” adds Blackbeard. Kagiso’s most recent focus is his attention on investments, allowing him a role in the BEE consortium for the landmark Lanseria International Airport acquisition. Kagiso is also a founding member of Supernova Investments, where he is responsible for structuring of transactions, capital raising, post-investment strategy execution, and custodianship of stakeholder value creation.

Both defence and commercial opportunities will be pursued by this aviation-focused company.

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