SVI completes first armoured Amaroks


SVI Engineering has completed the first of three armoured Amarok bakkies, which provide protection against AK-47 and R1 assault rifle bullets.

The new 190 kW Amarok becomes the most powerful standard armoured double-cab bakkie in South Africa, SVI said, with full B6 protection against bullets up to 7.62 mm calibre.

Although the SVI B4 (handgun protection level) armour is also available on the Amarok, SVI’s clients opted for the ultimate civilian level of armoured protection in the B6 level, which can stop bullets up to 7.62×51 mm, SVI said.

The conversion entails stripping the interior and building the vehicle up as an armoured unit. Steel armoured plates and composite materials are used for the body and 38 mm thick armoured glass replaces the original glazing. The suspension is upgraded to cope with the 650 kg additional mass.

The process takes around 12 weeks to complete and the end result is a vehicle that appears completely standard from both the outside and inside, SVI said.

SVI has partnered with a number of manufacturers to offer OEM-approved armour on commercial vehicles. This includes Ford and its Ranger series.

SVI was formed in 2004 and specialises in mechanical engineering, product development and manufacturing, and protected vehicles, including armoured civilian vehicles, armoured luxury vehicles, remanufactured military and police vehicles, asset protection vehicles, guard houses and towers.

In 2017 it completed development of its Max 9 armoured personnel carrier. In September 2018 SVI unveiled the 3.8 ton Max 3 low cost light armoured vehicle, available in different variants, such as mortar carrier. It is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 platform to keep costs down and fitted with an armoured cab with B6 ballistic protection, but this can be upgraded to B7.

In 2019 SVI launched SVI Secure, an armoured vehicle rental division that offers modified commercial vehicles like saloons and SUVs as well as armoured personnel carriers.

For close protection and valuables in transit solutions, SVI offers affordable cube-in solutions for close-protection vehicles and tailormade canopies ranging from valuables in transit up to full armoured personnel carrier units.