Sudan markets long range 122 mm rockets


Sudan’s Military Industry Corporation (MIC) is offering its 122 mm artillery rocket system to potential customers amongst a wide range of land and air capabilities.

For many years the MIC has been manufacturing the 122 mm solid propellant rockets for the widely deployed Russian 122 mm (40 round) BM-21 artillery rocket system (ARS) which is normally based on a 6×6 cross-country platform.

This is the most widely deployed ARS in the world and has been copied or manufactured under licence by many other countries.

The standard 122 mm unguided rocket has a maximum range of around 20 km but the MIC has developed and placed in production a new extended range rocket called the TAKA-03/GRL02 which is claimed to have a minimum range of 20 km and a maximum range of 40 km.

It is fitted with a high explosive blast fragmentation warhead (HE) which is activated by a nose mounted impact fuze to give a claimed lethal radius of 70 m.

In addition to manufacturing 122 mm rockets, the MIC, which was an exhibitor at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition in Pretoria this month, has also produced the TAKA MRL-01 122 mm (8-round) pedestal mounted rocket launcher which owing to its weight of 920 kg in unloaded configuration can be installed on a variety of land platforms and is also being marketed for naval applications such as coastal bombardment.

This has manual traverse of 45 degrees left and right and has elevation from minus 6 to plus 52 degrees and fires standard 122 mm rockets with a maximum range of 20 m plus the previous mention extended range rocket with a maximum range of 40 km.