Successful simulation exercise at CTC


The single largest military training area in South Africa was aptly home to what is believed to be the single largest training simulation exercise yet staged by the SA National Defence Force (SANDF).

The SA Army’s Combat Training Centre (CTC) at Lohathla in Northern Cape saw about 180 students from three different military courses take on a three week long constructive simulation exercise. The war gaming exercise replaces a live field training exercise and is conducted at a fraction of the cost of the real McCoy.
“The practical value of constructive simulation, also known as war gaming, was well illustrated by the exercise,” said JC van Schalkwyk of BattleTek constructive Simulation.

The students, ranging in rank from staff sergeant to colonel, are currently on either the Junior Command and Staff duties (Practical) course, the Integrated Sub-unit Commanders Course or the Senior Ops Duties Course.

Due to the size of the group of students, they were split into three with each spending a week getting to grips with the intricacies of simulation training.

The first week saw the group take on peace support operations, via keyboard, with the second week spent on extensive training and the third and final week was taken up by conventional warfare.

The students also participated, on a rotational basis, in a peace support operation exercise followed by a conventional warfare operation exercise. This saw planning done at brigade level and executed at battalion level.

The entire exercise was completed on South African designed and developed BattleTek Constructive Simulation and its associated software systems.

Students said on completion of the three-pronged exercise it had definitely been a value add. This was because different courses had been integrated during the exercise with each learning from the other.