Streit partners with SHERP on unique vehicle


The Streit Group has partnered with SHERP on its unique all-terrain vehicle designed for emergency and rapid action tasks, showcasing the vehicle at the Eurosatory exhibition.

The 4×4 SHERP vehicle has been designed to operate in all terrains, including swamps, ice, snow, rocky mountains, forests etc. It is able to climb out of water and onto ice, ascend a step of one meter in height and maintain its position at critical inclinations.

SHERP has high buoyancy potential: each wheel has a volume of 800 litres and the body is hermetically sealed along with a unique wheel pumping system. It has a carrying capacity of 1 000 kg and is able to swim when fully loaded.

SHERP is powered by a Japanese Kubota four cylinder turbodiesel V-1505t engine with a capacity of 1.5 litres and developing 44 hp, which is enough to carry its aluminium light-weight body, which can be retrofitted with armour if needed. Top speed is around 40 km/h on land and 6 km/h in water.

Streit displayed the SHERP vehicle at the recent Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, which attracted a lot of attention due to its unusual design and huge tyres.

The vehicle is manufactured in Russia, with mass production starting in 2015.