Statement: Condolences to the people of Tanzania on the bomb blast


His Excellency President Jacob Zuma and the Government of South Africa convey their condolences and great sympathy to the government of the United Republic of Tanzania in particular, the families of the victims of the bomb blast that took place on 16 February 2011 at the Gongo La Mboto arms depot, a military base of the Tanzanian People’s Defence Forces, near Dar Es Salaam, which left 26 people dead and hundreds injured.

In this regard, the Government of South Africa wishes the injured a speedy recovery from this ordeal and further express its readiness to provide technical support to any investigation that may be conducted.

For further information please contact:

Clayson Monyela,

Spokesperson for DIRCO

Cell: 082 884 5974

Issued by: Department of International Relations and Cooperation
23 Feb 2011