Spain’s Escribano to supply remotely controlled weapons stations to Egypt


Escribano Mechanical and Engineering has conducted testing of its remotely controlled weapons stations (RCWS) on different Egyptian vehicles and platforms as part of a collaboration agreement for the supply of naval and land turrets.

The company made this announcement ahead of the Edex defence show in Egypt earlier this week. It said that as a partner of Egyptian company Arab International Optronics, Escribano Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) has signed a collaboration agreement for the supply of naval and land remotely controlled systems and Edex 2021 “will offer the opportunity to consolidate the Spanish interest in this region.”

Escribano Mechanical & Engineering presented remote weapons station and ammunition guidance kits at Edex, including its Guardian land family of 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm turrets and its FGK guidance kit for artillery projectiles.

Egyptian defence analyst Mahmoud Gamal reported that Egypt will manufacture a 30-40 mm remotely controlled turret in collaboration with Escribano (presumably its Guardian 30), which will transfer technology to Egypt – Egypt will produce half of the turret parts.

The turret comes with a standard Bushmaster II 30 mm cannon, coaxial 7.62 mm machinegun and dual anti-tank guided missile launcher but can be upgraded to accommodate a 40 mm cannon. Apparently Egypt will mount Russian Kornet missiles on the turret.

Escribano said all its remotely controlled weapons stations include infrared and day sight cameras, two-axis gyro stabilisation, and the last ballistic calculation technology.

Elena Delgado, Escribano business development manager for Egypt, told DefenceWeb TV the company will “supply and co-operate” with Egypt’s Arab International Optronics on 12.7 mm weapon stations for Army and Navy applications, and that it expects to receive additional contracts.

She said Escribano has integrated its Guardian with Egypt’s Temsah family of armoured vehicles, as well as the Sinai 200, which she said has now entered production.

Delgado said Escribano is also looking to develop co-operation with Egypt on larger calibre weapons, both for its army and navy.