South African challenger brings new breed of armoured vehicles to South America


Paramount Group, Africa’s largest privately owned defence and aerospace company, is bringing some of the world’s most advanced armoured vehicle technology to the LAAD 2011 global defence conference, 12-15th April in Rio de Janeiro.

Visitors to stand J69 will find two of Paramount Group’s most advanced vehicles – Marauder and Maverick – on display and can learn why these vehicles are at the vanguard of new armoured vehicle design and technology.

Both Marauder and Maverick offer superior levels of ballistic and mine blast protection. Marauder has the iconic V-shaped hull, a South African innovation which is a key feature in deflecting the blast of a landmine detonated under the vehicle.

Marauder is designed to carry a crew of two plus eight fully equipped personnel in the rear. It can be configured as a wheeled troop carrier or as an effective combat vehicle by the addition of a variety of turret-mounted weaponry. It has a top speed of 100 km/h and will protect its crew from a single anti-tank mine with 7 kg TNT detonated directly beneath the hull.

Maverick is designed for use by internal security and police forces. It is a highly versatile vehicle accommodating twelve personnel. Its large size and box-like shape provides interior space for a wide range of security equipment, such as anti-riot gear, surveillance equipment, water cannons, ramps for SWAT Teams, and bomb disposal robots.

It enjoys high visibility from within the carriage, creating optimal situational awareness for the crew. The floor will withstand most shrapnel munitions such as hand grenades and firebombs and it offers all-round protection from projectiles and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), equivalent to NATO’s STANAG 4569 Level III.

John Craig, CEO of the Paramount Group, said: “Paramount Group will be showcasing two of its most advanced vehicles at LAAD as part of our plans to expand in the region. South America is spending more on defence as it seeks to modernise its forces and address longstanding internal security issues.
“We believe that our world-leading technology, our enviable track-record and our cost effectiveness provide potential customers with the best value available on the market. As South Africa joins the world’s largest developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) this is an ideal time to increase trade links with Brazil in particular and to collaborate further across Latin America.”

Paramount Group

The Paramount Group was founded in 1994 and works with governments around the world in matters of peacekeeping, defence and internal securities. As the largest privately owned group of defence companies in Africa, Paramount serves sovereign governments worldwide. The company develops and designs solutions to tackle peacekeeping, defence, and internal security problems, and seeks to expand its manufacture of armoured vehicles worldwide. Solutions range from camp systems, logistic equipment, and personal protection gear, as well as crowd control equipment, communication technologies and armoured MPVs.


LAAD – Defence & Security is the most important trade show for the defence and security industry in Latin America. It takes place every two years bringing together Brazilian and international companies that specialise in supplying equipment and services to all three major services of the Armed Forces, Police, special forces and security services, as well as consultants and government agencies. This year it will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the 12th-15th April.

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