South Africa sold 452 armoured vehicles in 2013


The South African defence industry last year sold 452 new and refurbished armoured vehicles to 20 different countries, according to government statistics.

The total value of these sales came to R2.421 billion, according to the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), which for the first time provided a detailed breakdown of South African defence exports in its annual report.

Peacekeeping forces bought several dozen armoured vehicles from South Africa in 2013. The United Nations was the largest customer, purchasing 20 Casspir NG2000B models for R56.5 million and two Casspirs for R1.2 million for its operation in Sudan. The UN also bought three refurbished Buffel armoured personnel carriers (APCs) for R2.5 million and three refurbished Casspirs for R4.38 million for its South Sudan mission and two Puma M36 armoured personnel carriers for Mali, at a cost of R6.5 million.

The African Union also bought South African armoured vehicles, acquiring seven Casspirs for R26.2 million and two Mambas for R6.4 million for its peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

According to NCACC figures, last year Sweden was the single largest customer of South African armoured vehicles, buying 161 RG32 Scouts for R1.079 billion, as well as four Husky mine detection vehicles for R20 million.

The United Arab Emirates armed forces also bought a sizeable number of vehicles, including 12 RG31s and 30 APCs from Reva. The total value of these contracts came to R192 million.

Another large order came from Finland, which ordered 25 RG32M APCs from BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa, for R128.5 million.

The United States, previously a big customer for locally manufactured armoured vehicles at the height of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, only bought two armoured personnel carriers in 2013, as well as 51 vehicle mounted mine detection systems.

In terms of manufacturers, BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa came out on top, selling 186 RG32s and 12 RG31s. Paramount Group sold 31 Marauder and 25 Maverick armoured vehicles, putting them in the number two spot in terms of 2013 exports. ICP Reva managed to export 42 armoured vehicles last year while OTT Technologies sold 12 Hunters and 20 Pumas. Another platform that did well was the venerable Casspir: 42 new, latest generation and refurbished vehicles were sold.

In addition to the sales, the South African Department of Defence donated a Crusader II Mk VI main battle tank to Jordan.