Somalia Army officers graduate EU course


On the 25th of June, the closing ceremony for two of the training courses run by the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) Somalia in Mogadishu was held at Jazeera Training Camp in the presence of Brigadier General Abdullah Hajj Aynte, Head of Personnel Branch in Somalia National Army General Staff, and Colonel Siverstedt Ulf, EUTM Somalia Deputy Commander.

The ceremony marked the graduation of the 1st Train the Trainer (TTT) and the 1st Company Commander course held by EUTM Somalia in Mogadishu.

The courses were planned, organized and conducted by EUTM Somalia in coordination with the Somali National Army, African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), and United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

During the training, which lasted three months, 22 officers learned tactics, techniques and procedures to become company commander, while the 23 attendees of the Train the Trainers course learned topics and techniques to train effectively.

Ahead of the event, the students carried out an exercise during which they demonstrated the skills they acquired during their training, skills that will help them to better perform their duties once back to their units.

The training provided by EUTM Somalia, is another step toward the final goal of transferring all the security responsibilities to the Somali National Armed Forces, constitutes an effective action in support of the Somali Security Sector Development, and the building up of a security and defence apparatus professional and accountable to the Somali Government, the US military’s Africa Command said.