Silent Sentinel to provide thermal imaging cameras for North African airports


British threat detection specialist Silent Sentinel has been awarded contracts to supply its long-range thermal imaging cameras to two major North African airports as part of security upgrades.

Silent Sentinel will be providing nine of its Jaegar Ranger 225 long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermal platforms to one airport, all equipped with a 500 mm HD low-light camera. Announcing the contracts this week, Silent Sentinel said its Jaegar 225 provides reliable human detection at over 4 km.

This contract is the second phase of an existing project utilising cooled cameras – Silent Sentinel said it was selected by its local partner to provide the Jaegar Ranger 225 platform because it could meet the same operational requirements as the existing medium-wave infrared (MWIR) cooled platforms for a lower cost.

“Because uncooled cameras don’t require expensive cooler services the client was also able to benefit from a lower cost of ownership, as well as reducing the requirements of holding spares to maintain continuous operation of the surveillance system,” Silent Sentinel said.

The other airport will be protected with ten Aeron Scout cameras, four of which are fitted with 100 mm fixed lenses, and six with 65 mm fixed lenses. The Aeron Scouts will be complemented by four Oculus Scouts equipped with 50 mm fixed lenses to create a total of 14 cameras protecting the second airport, all of which are LWIR Uncooled thermal lenses and are equipped with HD visible cameras.

“These contracts have allowed us to consolidate our position in the North African market and are indicative of our pedigree in the aviation surveillance sector,” said James Longcroft, Sales Director at Silent Sentinel.

Silent Sentinel has done other work in Africa and in May last year announced that it had supplied its Jaeger Ranger 225 and Jaeger Searcher 700 thermal cameras to an East African government as part of that country’s acquisition of Israeli SKYLOCK counter-drone systems. The Jaeger Ranger is a component of SKYLOCK’s counter-UAV portfolio, which also includes radars, jammers and radio frequency detectors.