Saab delivers latest generation CTC to the Netherlands

Saab has delivered the new upgraded battalion-sized Level V Combat Training Centres (CTCs) to the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA).
The Swedish multinational says the system has since been tested during an intensive exercise with the German Army in Bergen-Hohne.

Saab was awarded the task of developing a fully instrumented mobile combat training center to the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) in 2000.

“Seven years later, when the RNLA decided to improve its capabilities, Saab was once again entrusted with the assignment. This time the mission was two folded – to empower the RNLA with battalion level exercise capabilities, and to incorporate the Royal Netherland Marines in the solution,” Saab says in a statement.
“Recently, within 24 months delivery time, the upgraded MCTC was delivered to the RNLA and tested in a joint exercise with the German Army where 800 soldiers and vehicles were logged in to the EXCON.
“The logistics included 3300 individually serial numbered units of equipment. By facilitating the issue and receipt of equipment from several stations and different locations simultaneously, the system reduced the time taken for equipment management to a minimal level.
“Representing the most advanced instrumented mobile CTC system of its kind available, this modular solution incorporates everything required for transforming the most austere training site into a full-blown battalion level CTC within the space of 48 hours,” Saab says. The containerised solution is the first MCTC system offering a number of unique features including the capacity to:
— handle 2000+ players.
— include remote sites in exercises and follow the exercise in EXCON via 3G or
— satellite communication.
— integrate the Battle Management System (BMS) facilitating visualization of the BMS through the EXCON.
Meanwhile, Saab has also signed a contract to produce training systems for the US Marine Corps. Within the frame of the contract, that has a possible value of approximately $29 million, a first order, valued at $22 million, has been placed.
“This will significantly expand the current base of training systems already fielded by Saab for the US Marine Corps,” says Lars Borgwing, President, Saab Training USA.

The same training system is fielded with the US Army, US Navy SEALs and five armies in Europe.