Saab components for Badger


Part of an order given to Swedish defence and security company, Saab, by Patria Land Systems Oy, is for vehicle electronics to be fitted to the new SA Army combat vehicle, the Badger.

Deliveries include a data network and operator displays plus a digital video system with cameras. These will be integrated in the Patria AMV 8×8 vehicles to be delivered by Patria to South Africa. The deliveries will take place in 2014/2016. The sub-systems will be locally supported in South Africa.
“Saab is supplying Patria AMV vehicles with the latest technology, helping to improve local situational awareness for soldiers in the field. This order further establishes our position as a leading supplier of robust systems within vehicle electronics on the international market,” said Niclas Lövgren, Director and Head of Vehicle Systems at Saab´s Business Area Support and Services.

The landward arm of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) will receive the first of 238 Badger infantry combat vehicles in October 2015. The new vehicles replace the 30-year-old Ratel in all its variants.

Awarding of the production contract to Denel Land systems was delayed by about two months which saw the number of Badgers to be acquired drop from 264 to 238. The production timetable has also slipped somewhat with the first vehicle expected off the production line in three months later than originally announced.
“The new Badger ICV is a combination of a locally-designed turret and a Finnish designed vehicle, customised for the unique South African conditions. The system will be produced locally and represents the apex of the South African defence industry,” Stephan Burger, Denel Land Systems chief executive, said.
“It will provide South Africa’s soldiers with unrivalled firepower, mobility and maximum armoured protection. The SANDF will have an adaptable and flexible vehicle that can be used with equal confidence in both high-intensity warfare and peace support operations.”

A notable feature of the Badger is its modular turret system, developed in five variants – Section, Command, Mortar, Missile and Fire Support models. A single turret structure, fitted with different weapon modules, will simplify the logistic support and reduce the cost of through-life support.

The Badger variants are equipped with either a 30mm externally-driven cam-operated cannon, a locally developed 60 mm breech-loading long-range mortar both developed by DLS, a 12.7mm machine gun or the Ingwe anti-tank missile system developed by Denel Dynamics. These weapon systems are integrated into the DLS turrets. The breech loading mortar is water cooled, allowing a high rate of fire. Burger said it was one of a few such designs in the world but the only type of its size.