SA Joint Air Defence Symposium to focus on SADC


The eighth edition of the South African Joint Air Defence Symposium (SAJADS 2013) will be exploring the issue of joint air defence within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The SAJADS, held every two years, will take place between September 10 and 12 at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) International Conference Centre in Pretoria, with the theme of “Integrated Joint Air Defence (JAD) within the Southern African Development Community and Department of Trade and Industry’s Action Plan to enhance indigenisation”.

The aim of the symposium is to highlight key areas of military and industrial participation both nationally and within SADC in order to achieve indigenous Joint Air Defence. Approximately 20 papers will be delivered during the symposium.

The symposium has an international flavour and will feature senior local and foreign speakers, including attendance by senior local and foreign military representatives, Chiefs of Services of the SANDF and SADC countries and industry. The symposium is thus aligned with the South African Government’s commitment to SADC as an enabler for regional integration and sustainable development, with particular emphasis on the Mutual Defence Pact’s objective, to seek mutual cooperation in the defence and security domains, the symposium’s organisers said.

The symposium’s intention is to attract people interested in the subject of air defence, with specific emphasis on defence officials, government officials, defence institutes and the relevant defence industries.

Additional information regarding the symposium can be accessed at website address