Rippel Effect receives another IGS-4S follow-up order from Colombia


After fully integrating its IGS-4S video sighting system into the Colombian army’s fleet of Cascavel vehicles, Rippel Effect has successfully negotiated yet another follow-up order for more of the locally developed technology.

Rippel Effect previously delivered 73 systems to the Colombian army in two contracts and they completed installation of a further 16 systems in April 2015. A fourth order for the installation of another 18 systems has just been awarded to Rippel Effect.

Dawid Fourie, Marketing Executive at Rippel Effect, told defenceWeb that the IGS-4S has been doing very well in South America and that the company has had enquiries about installing the system as an upgrade for T-55 tanks for a potential Middle Eastern customer, and is busy with demonstrations in Latin America and the Middle East.

The IGS-4S was launched as a Rippel product over two years ago with technology licensed from South African firm Vision 24 Observation Systems. The model selected by Colombia is the IGS-4S compact video sighting system, which can be utilised in conjunction with various vehicle-mounted weapons in calibres ranging from 7.62 mm to 125 mm. The system provides the operator with a 24/7 below-armour observation and ranging capability to fire the weapon in all weather conditions, low visibility and darkness. It has a laser rangefinder, day camera, uncooled thermal imaging and multi-function screen, which displays aim points and system parameters, as well as controls for the thermal camera.

Rippel Effect is also marketing the VK-RSS-02 thermal imaging rifle scope. The scope can be utilised as a standalone scope during day time operation for thermal target acquisition and identification as well as during night time operations. Fourie told defenceWeb that the System is currently being qualified. It will be demonstrated to the first potential customers in May.

Rippel Effect took part in the Rheinmetall Defence Day event held between 21 and 22 April at the Overberg Test Range in the Western Cape. The VK-RSS-2 was displayed on a Truvelo sniper rifle, but most attention went to the demonstration area where their XRGL40 grenade launchers were used to fire a multitude of 40 mm payloads such as smoke, tear gas, high explosive, flash-bang, and less lethal ammunition.

Rippel Effect recently launched the six-shot RLL37/38 and RLL40 less lethal launchers, which will in future form an important part of its product lineup. Fourie said the less lethal products are being tested on the proof range at the moment whereafter the first pre-production models will be tested by their international partners before going into production.

One of the salient features of the less lethal series is that the user can skip backwards and forwards between different rounds as the cylinder rotates both ways – an improvement over many other launchers that only rotate the cylinder in one direction. The launchers also have a patented mechanical index mechanism which allows them to index on semi-automatic regardless of the pressure of the round.

Rippel Effect also has agreements with ALS Technologies in the United States and Condor in Brazil regarding the use of their less lethal ammunition. The companies also have less lethal weapon distribution rights in their respective regions.

Fourie said the flagship XRGL40 is doing well in South America and the Middle East and that a Far Eastern contract was concluded and delivered last year. Production capacity is 700 launchers every four to six months. The XRGL40 can fire a whole range of 40 mm ammunition including less lethal. It has been certified for use with the new Atlantis and Diehl low velocity next generation ammunition, and was used in the qualification of the Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) 40 mm Medium Velocity round.

The XRGL40 is also used in extended range ammunition development programmes by Energetics Technologies Ltd (UK) and Indumil (Colombia). Fourie said that medium velocity ammunition would become the 40 mm standard going forward, although the availability of such ammunition is still a stumbling block at present.

The XRGL40 is in use with numerous armed forces around the world as well as being equipment of choice for a number of law enforcement agencies and peacekeeping forces. It fires standard 40×46 mm low-velocity rounds and medium velocity 40×51 mm rounds as well as less lethal grenades without having to be reconfigured. Rippel Effect started marketing the XRGL40 in 2011/12 and has sold the weapon to ten different countries.