RG12 Mk4 on display at IDEX


BAE Systems is displaying a RG12 Mk4 Armoured Personnel Carrier at the IDEX international defense exhibition being held in Abu Dhabi until tomorrow with the cooperation and support of the Dubai Police Force. The company recently completed deliveries of 10 of the vehicles under an
initial 2008 order for 10.

Two of the vehicles were also fitted for a Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS), which provide military and police units with the ability to rapidly enter a structure using multiple entry points at various elevations. “The in-theatre RG12 vehicles are a valuable and reliable asset for the Dubai Police, and we are proud to support BAE Systems at this exhibition,” said Major General Moh’d Eid M. Al Mansoori, Director General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at the Dubai Police General HQ. Dubai already operated six RG12 at the time of the 200 order.

The Mk4 vehicle is BAE Systems’ latest version of the RG12, featuring a new engine with increased power and torque, and improved axles with disc brakes on all wheels for improved braking performance. A new digital electrical system is fitted to improve the service-life of the RG12 through the use of a plug-in diagnostic computer, which provides a detailed analysis of required maintenance. 

BAE Systems, Land Systems South Africa Managing Director Johan Steyn added the “RG12 is a highly effective APC and there are currently more than 830 vehicles in service with various customers around the world, including the South African Police Service”.

The 4×4 RG12 was originally developed as an internal security and public order vehicle, and has proven to be highly effective in a number of other applications such as command and control vehicle and as an armoured personnel carrier. Capable of carrying a driver, a commander and between eight to ten additional personnel, the RG12 features an all-steel, welded armour, monocoque hull designed to protect the crew against small arms fire, firebombs and hand grenades.