Rafael releases Spike NLOS


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has released a new member of the Spike fourth-generation guided missile family, the Spike NLOS (non-line-of-sight).

The Spike NLOS is an electro-optically guided missile for ranges of up to 25km with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The weapon system can be launched from land, air and naval platforms.

Equipped with a variety of warheads, RF communication, unique advantages of hitting non-line of sight targets, the ability to switch between targets and abort mission, the Spike NLOS can be operated in offensive and defensive scenarios.

Spike NLOS is designed to be integrated into the modern battle arena and can receive target location from an embedded TAS system, external sensors, C4I center or UAVs, Rafael says in a media statement.

The Spike family consists of precise tactical missiles launched from different ranges at a variety targets for use by infantry units and on combat vehicles, attack helicopters, as well as naval vessels.

The family is currently in use with Chile, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

David Stemer, Executive VP and General Manager of the Missiles and NCW Division at Rafael says that "the Spike NLOS, a member of the Spike family, enables Rafael to give forces, on any modern battlefield, the most effective means to deal with all threats."

He adds that, "The existence of the family of Spike systems is a result of Rafael’s ability to adapt itself to the needs of the users and to continually provide them with the most cost effective, advanced technology and the best operational capability available.