R15.7m for new mortar sights


The South African Army has awarded Spektrum Logistieke Ondersteuningsdienste BK of Atlasville, Pretoria, a R15.7 million contract for new mortar sighting equipment. The contract, awarded earlier this month, follows several maintenance and repair contracts, worth about R12.5 million since 2007.

The Army uses a number of mortar systems, most acquired in the 1970s or before. This includes the M1 60mm, M3 81mm and M5 120mm conventional mortars fitted with bipods and a standard H-019 prismatic sight, as well as the lightweight M4 60mm patrol mortar and M6 60mm long-range mortar. The International Institute of Strategic Studies credits the SA Army with about 1190 M3 and 36 M5 mortars.

Procurement of Prisms mortar sighting equipment for the SA Army

ESCW/2010/255 10 Mar 2011 R15 789 037,76 Spektrum*

Procurement of launcher grenade 40 mm Y3 spares and mortar M1, M3 and M4 Mk1 Special tools

ESCW/2010/404 3 Mar 2011 R2 739 480,10 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Land Systems

Maintenance and repair of mortar accessories for the SA Army

ETMG/2010/311 22 Dec 2010 R2 080 377,60 Spektrum

Upgrade of range scale for infantry 60 mm mortar M4 sights – extension of ETMG/2009/303

TMG/S2010/1189 14 Oct 2010 R81 868,80 Spektrum

Maintenance and repair of infantry 60 mm mortar M4 sight assembly – extension of ETMG/2008/119

TMG/S2010/1164 3 Jun 2010 R58 960,50 Spektrum

Upgrade of range scale for infantry 60 mm mortar M4 sight assembly

ETMG/2009/303 29 Oct 2009 R497 109,00 Spektrum

Maintenance and repair of infantry 60 mm Mortar M4 (Patrol Mortar) sight assembly

ETMG/2008/119 19 Feb 2009 R742 835,00 Spektrum

Upgrade modification and refurbishment of H019 infantry mortar sight assemblies to M52A1 sight unit – extension of ETMG/2007/31

TMG/S2008/0931 31 Jul 2008 R46 911,92 Spektrum

Upgrade/modification and refurbishment of HO19 infantry mortar sight assembly to M52A1 sight unit status

ETMG/2007/31 26 Jul 2007 R6 318 118,05 Spektrum
*Spektrum Logistieke Ondersteuningsdienste BK

R28 354 698.73

R12 565 660.93