Qatar orders 27 military vehicles from Renault


The Qatari Internal Security Forces (ISF) have ordered 22 HIGUARD (MRAP) and five Sherpa light APCs from Renault Trucks Defence.

Renault announced on Friday that the vehicles will be delivered in 2012/2013. It said it had been involved in discussions with Qatar for four years before closing the deal.

The HIGUARD vehicle is derived from a Sherpa medium 6×6 platform. Renault says the vehicle can transport up to twelve fully equipped personnel.

The Sherpa APC Security and Law Enforcement version can deploy 10 men and act as a mobile command post. The Sherpa APC is the troop transport version of the Sherpa tactical and light armoured vehicles range. This vehicle is already in service with several customers, including France and NATO.

Renault Trucks Defence has supplied vehicles to more than 65 customer countries across the world and has more than 4,000 VAB armoured personnel carriers in service. Armoured vehicles represent more than 60% of Renault Trucks Defence’s activity, but it also has a truck offering geared to a very full range of military uses.

Renault Trucks Defence participates in programmes with Nexter, such as the CAESAR artillery system and the VBCI infantry fighting armoured vehicle. It holds several brand names across the world, including ACMAT. Last year Renault Trucks Defence’s revenues exceeded 300 million euros.