Press release: Young South Afrian defence company supplies African police forces with modern armoured personnel carriers for deployment in Sudan


The South African designed and produced GILA 4×4 Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle was selected by Canada for supply to African countries being deployed under the United Nations in the Darfur Province of Sudan.



Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) selected the GILA 4×4 as the preferred protected patrol vehicle for four African Formed Police Units (FPUs) that will deploy under the mandate of the hybrid African Union / United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).


“IVEMA’s value proposition in the provision of the GILA 4×4 MRAP Patrol vehicle allowed Canada to meet its fleet standardization objective within aggressive timelines while ensuring a high level of vehicle, equipment and training support made possible through the continental presence of a South African supplier” explained CCC representative, Stefan Dery.


The African FPUs selected to receive Canadian in kind support are being provided with the modern high mobility GILA which have been manufactured in Midrand, South Africa and supplied directly to the country of receipt with a comprehensive spares and training package.


“The supply of new, modern, South African designed GILAs ensures these police forces are equipped with a high mobility protected capability for their operational commitments under the United Nations.” said Brigadier General (retired) Damian de Lange the CEO of IVEMA. “Being equipped with modern and new equipment will also ensure such troop contributing countries meet the UN’s requirements” he added.


The African police contributing countries who are receiving the GILA 4×4 Protected Patrol vehicle are scheduled to deploy into Darfur, Sudan in late 2009 and early 2010.


The GILA 4×4 MRAP was designed and developed by the indigenous South African defence company IVEMA (International Vehicle & Equipment Marketing) in 2006 and was first displayed to the public at the African Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Cape Town in September 2006.


IVEMA has also supplied the GILA to a number of African forces in the Armoured Personnel Carrier, Protected Patrol and Battlefield Ambulance variants. The GILA Battlefield Ambulance was deployed in Darfur under UNAMID early in 2009.


The GILA, which has undergone various qualification and testing programmes in South Africa, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East, has brought together decades of South African mine protected vehicle knowledge and a careful integration of modern, proven main components.


The GILA has successfully withstood a mineblast equivalent to 19kg of TNT and within an hour was repaired in the field using a recovery vehicle, prepared axle and the recovery crew.


The standard GILA is fitted with a modern powerpack, automatic transmission, run flat inserts in all tyres, central tyre inflation system, air conditioning and more.


“The GILA provides an opportunity for forces to move quickly into the realm of modern technology that is based on proven, reliable, repairable and maintainable main components,” said Andre Mouton, IVEMA’s Director of Operations.


“The training programmes and the follow-on training IVEMA provides is supported by a complete and comprehensive document service which includes Work Shop Repair and Operator Manuals and Illustrated Parts catalogues,” said Andre Mouton. “This allows the client to train their own people, service and maintain their own equipment and manage their supply of spares,” he added. IVEMA has made documentation services and training programmes available in both English and French.


IVEMA’s GILA supply programmes includes comprehensive training in South Africa, follow-on training in the country of receipt, a thorough acceptance programme by the client in South Africa, a receipt programme in the country of receipt, technical and operator advisory services, logistic support services and the ability to provide additional maintenance and repair services in the operational areas.


“Providing African forces with modern 21st Century South African designed and manufactured GILAs is driven by IVEMA’s desire to support the growing relations between South Africa and Africa as well as to provide the framework for the transfer of knowledge and skills from South Africa to other African countries,” said Brig Gen (rt’d) Damian de Lange. “We are proud that Canada selected IVEMA and the GILA for its supply to African forces” he added.


IVEMA is now delivering its fourth consignment for this particular contract, which will be loaded in the Durban Port on Sunday, November 22, 2009. This consignment is to be dispatched to African police forces for deployment in Darfur. This marks the first phase of the contract complete.



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