PMP receives first contract for Neopup personal area weapon


Ammunition manufacturer Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) has received its first order for its Neopup 20 mm personal area weapon, now known as the Inkunzi.

Phaladi Petje, CEO of PMP, told defenceWeb that Neopup is now a fully PMP product with an international client, which was acquired three to four months ago. Production is currently underway. He added that his company has received interest in the weapon from a number of countries, and is busy working on a new, related weapon which will be launched next year.

In the last financial year PMP purchased the full rights and intellectual property from Neopup for the 20 x 42 mm weapon and production of the weapon. The Inkunzi (meaning Bull) is a semi-automatic weapon that fires bursting ammunition and can be comfortably fired by a single rifleman as an area weapon to a range of up to 1 000 metres, although effective range is up to 400 metres. It holds up to five rounds in a conventional box magazine. The entire barrel/bolt group recoils within its housing to decrease recoil.

Petje said that he expects niche production orders and that mass production would be another thing, but that PMP is willing to collaborate with certain countries to produce it elsewhere. He said that one of the hindrances to mass production is that since it is such a new weapon, military doctrine will have to adjust for it.