PILARw gunshot system gets deadly


01dB-Metravib has improved their PILARw vehicle-carried Gunshot Detection System (GDS)by linking it to the prime mover’s weapons suite, allowing the crew to instantly detect the location of a shooter – and return fire.

GDS have become increasingly sought-after in Iraq and Afghanistan as an effective means of identifying the firing positions of snipers and 01dB-Metravib says this improvement “provides additional contribution to crew protection and strong operational advantage in asymmetric type of conflict.”

The improvement came after a preliminary integration study made on request of the US Special Operations Command and involved the inclusion of a Kongsberg data protocol into PILARw.

“Hence, a simple Ethernet cable connection allows the communication between both systems and the display of shot alerts directly … as well as the automatic slew to cue function.

“Using shooter location information computed by PILARw, it is possible to orient the [vehicle`s weapons system] in a second to provide deterrent effect and to allow enemy identification.

This is already been doe with the Belgium AIV and the Polish Patria AMV Rosomak deployed to Afghanistan.

With easy coupling to most popular remote-control weapons suites in service, 01dB-Metravib foresees a potential market expansion for new or upgrade programs for AFVs, taking advantage of new features recently implemented in PILARw such as automatic return shots filtering and calibre identification.