Permali Gloucester demonstrates composite materials MRAP

British company Permali Gloucester has demonstrated an advanced composite monocoque crew cell with ceramic appliqué armour for fitting to mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles.
The company has worked with Creation UK and Babcock to create the Zephyr SRV, a “new generation vehicle designed to provide protected mobility on the modern battlefield and in urban environments.
“The composite crew cell supplied by Permali provides much improved strength and protection compared to metallic vehicle hulls of a similar weight,” a company press release says.
“When coupled with Permali’s modular ceramic appliqué armour, a very high level of protection is provided, not just against small arms threats but also the high velocity fragment and blast threats that are typical of roadside IEDs.
“More importantly, this construction improves survivability as the non-metallic structure greatly minimises the behind armour effects when the armour is penetrated or ‘over-matched` by severe IED threats that cannot be completely stopped by this class of light vehicle.

Permali sales director Nick Baird says his company was delighted to work with Creation and Babcock “to develop this all-new vehicle in the UK”.

“To provide the levels of protection and mobility that current and future programmes require needs the fresh design and advanced technology presented in the Zephyr concept, without the limitations and compromises inherent in other legacy vehicle platforms”.
“Permali’s contribution to this programme is crucial – not only in the context of the overall vehicle protection package, but particularly in respect of the ‘occupant survival cell’,” Permali creation managing director Bill Davis added.

Pic: British Zephyer SRV