Patria unveils new concept vehicle at DSEI


Patria, the Finish defence and aviation company, unveiled their new concept armoured vehicle at the DSEI show in London this week. The Patria Next Generation Armoured Wheeled (AWV) concept from the original designer of SA’s soon to be produced Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle gives an indication of the direction in which the company believes modern warfare is headed.

The concept vehicle offers a larger internal space and the ability to take larger payloads. Soldiers require increasing space because they are on average physically larger than they were a generation ago and are carrying larger amounts of kit. Also increasingly demanded by its clients, says Patria, is the ability to take more powerful and heavier weapons payloads while maintaining mobility.

The vehicle builds on Patria’s Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) programme of which the Badger is one type. The company said the concept vehicle is a response to some of the issues raised by customers around the world.

Patria has signalled a commitment to further develop the concept vehicle and says that extensive testing will continue after the exhibition.

The vehicle can adapt to various roles through a modular architecture. The capability to take a 13 ton payload and a 30 ton gross weight does not mean any sacrifice in off-road mobility, says Patria. By contrast the South African Army’s Badger will be able to take around a 10 ton payload.

In recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, heavy vehicles have often damaged roads and bridges, raising new constraints on weight. However, the heavier infantry combat vehicle with more powerful weapons systems might well be more suited to homeland defence than expeditionary warfare scenarios.

Patria has produced some 1 400 of its 8×8 AMVs for seven different countries.