Paramount launches surveillance and intelligence network


Paramount Group has launched its new scalable and modular Surveillance and Intelligence Network (SAINTS) at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2018 exhibition.

Paramount on 19 September said the programme provides customers with affordable surveillance and intelligence capabilities to discover and assess potential security threats in any environment, enhancing situational awareness in the field.

Paramount Advanced Technologies (PAT) CEO Ralph Mills said that “in today’s environment of uncertain asymmetrical challenges, superior information and intelligence is vital to ensure safety and mission success. Many governments face serious challenges to their sovereignty, for example, which can vary dramatically in nature and scope. Almost every state has cause to improve, to modernize its ability to monitor potential and emerging threats. The more, and more quickly, that security forces can detect and recognize danger, the greater their opportunity to act decisively to defuse or overcome it”.

Paramount said SAINTS provides customers with today-necessary technologies, covering both military and paramilitary situations, enhancing network effectiveness by way of its reliance on both commercial and military telecommunications systems.

SAINTS is fully networked and allows for the deployment of additional sensors as part of its system architecture; thus, SAINTS can begin with a one-man portable system, however, it is scalable and can incorporate additional platforms and sensors.

Paramount Group developed the network in-house, with PAT Engineering acting as Lead System Integrator. The company drew on its experience with Paramount’s Flexible Light Armaments System (FLASH) for helicopters—soon to be adapted to fixed-wing aircraft—which takes a similar approach as SAINTS, allowing customers to choose among a large variety of sensors, weapons, and other mission equipment options. SAINTS was created with a special understanding of budgetary constraints commonly facing public entities.

Mills added: “Responsible sovereign powers and peacekeeping forces need to maintain security, and therefore for nearly 25 years, we have designed world-beating technologies that both protect personnel and enable them to better fulfil their objectives. The fact that the SAINTS system is both modular and scalable, with the added ability to reuse legacy communication equipment and sensors, allows customers to find the right fit for both capability and price”.