Olifant Mk1A introduced to popular war game


The Olifant Mk1A has been introduced to the popular video game “War Thunder” as of 19 February 2021 and will be available soon as part of a major update.

War Thunder announced the main battle tank of the South African National Defence Force is the first South African armoured vehicle available to players as a separate branch of the British tech tree and in the top ranks of the British ground forces tree. The tank is part of a brand new South African subtree, coming to the game with the release of the “Ixwa Strike” major update.

War Thunder did its research on the tank, saying, “Meet the Olifant Mk1A, a heavily modified South African variant of the Centurion Mk3 and Mk5 main battle tank, developed in the late ‘70s as a means to modernize the fleet of Centurion tanks in South African service.”

The tank will feature the GT-3 105 mm cannon with its signature high rate of fire ballistic properties, capable of firing a wide assortment of subcalibre and chemical munitions, including armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot and high-explosive anti-tank rounds.

Additionally, the tank will have greater mobility over its British Centurion counterpart as it is equipped with a 750 horsepower Continental diesel engine, reaching a top speed of 45 km per hour.

The one con War Thunder says players should watch out for is armour, stating that while not thin, “can’t reliably shield the crew and vital components from the powerful ammunition types fired at high tier battles”.