New vehicles join Reva lineup


Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP) has added a couple of new vehicles to its lineup as well as new variants of existing models. The new additions include the Reva Scout fast reaction vehicle and Reva Protection security vehicle.

The Reva Scout, which was shown for the first time at Africa Aerospace and Defence in September, is a specialised fast reaction vehicle with lightly armoured vital components with a modular rear end for different weapon platforms. It has been designed for special forces and anti-poaching duties, amongst others, and can seat five people plus driver and commander.

The main weapons mount on the Scout can accommodate a 12.7 mm machinegun or 40 mm grenade launcher on a 360 degree ring. Secondary armament can be four 7.62 mm machineguns on swivel mountings and a 60 mm mortar.

Another new addition to the lineup is the Reva Protection low cost internal security vehicle. At least ten have been built and some used at Marikana and similar violent demonstrations, either getting miners who had chosen to work there safely, or as a cash-in-transit vehicle.

The Reva Protection can carry a driver, a commander and six people with their equipment. It uses a TATA chassis developed by ICP and an all-welded steel body. The body and 40 mm armoured windows can protect against gunfire (as well as rocks and other projectiles) and even a thrown hand grenade. The vehicle has a gross weight of around 6 tonnes.

Another new addition is an ambulance version of the Reva armoured personnel carrier, which features a raised roof line for greater internal volume. It seats two in the front and four stretchers or two stretchers and four seated patients or eight seated patients in the back. Protection is to B7 level. An extendable ramp, stowed under the hull, allows quick loading and unloading of patients.

ICP’s flagship is the Reva V 4×4 which features a wider hull and ‘first world drive train’. It can be fitted with fixed or independent axle systems and a central tyre inflation system. It features B7+ ballistic protection and Stanag 4569 Level 4B landmine protection. Standard seating is two plus six and the vehicle can be armed with a one person 12.7 mm M2 HB machinegun turret.

Other models in the Reva lineup include the Reva VI 6×6 landmine-resistant armoured recovery vehicle that can also be offered in a heavy weapon platform configuration. It features a protected air-conditioned cab for its crew of two, plus two additional seats for the crew of the vehicle being recovered. Vehicles weighing up to 26 tonnes can be recovered. It uses a Chinese chassis, but other chassis could be used.

The Reva III 4×4 is one of the most popular models in the ICP stable and features B7 ballistic and Stanag 4569 Level 3B landmine protection. On the lighter end of the scale are the Reva FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) designed for raids, search and rescue and reconnaissance and seating four, and the Reva Security. The latter is designed for urban and rural security operations and can seat six people plus driver and co-driver. It has B6 ballistic protection with 40 mm armoured glass.

There are some 850 South African-designed and built Revas serving in places as diverse as Thailand (200), South Sudan (50) Nigeria (40) Yemen (172) and various other war zones in the Middle East.